Connecting and Austin, TX

For something like Seattle, I found little satisfaction with the music scene. You can go and enjoy the music, but my personality held me back from finding anything more than that. It was simply a photo on Instagram, nothing else.

Music’s diminishing value — only in capitalism.

How fearful it must be! And how frightful for anti-capitalists to discover that their efforts were so small, for their adversary determines so little of music and culture at large — that they have swum among shallow waters and ignored the darker depths of greater self-honesty. At times that which is discussed does not exist — but does it occur to these people that topics not discussed – may indeed exist?

Puerto Rico, December 2017.

Goals for the short-term – 2018 Edition

Three pillars of thought: scientific and technological, creative and destructive, philosophical and international. For 2018, these are the themes I want to better understand, the themes I want to tie into one larger framework that I will keep to myself but unleash bits of as time passes. My present is captivating, with so many actors on the stage, with entertainments beyond what Hollywood could provide. The future is thus no less engrossing, and that is where we immoralists, globalists, ecstaticists will thrive — a narrative beyond survival or existence but of excess — in knowledge, manipulation, and self-discovery.

Howard’s Way (March 2017)

The near God-like power of Howard — perhaps more of a prophet than the deity itself — should mean that I have always had this poet-translator sitting next to me all the time, carefully and patiently detailing the efforts of Barthes…