On Senna and Ingesting Benefits

I have always kept an interest in oral supplements: as a child, I would start ingesting whatever new age pills that my stepmother stocked every few months; St. John’s Wort sticks in my mind. With the odd name and the very ambiguous benefits that the bottle implied (as some kind of treatment for depression), I became an optimistic skeptic for the supplement and others.


Connecting and Austin, TX

For something like Seattle, I found little satisfaction with the music scene. You can go and enjoy the music, but my personality held me back from finding anything more than that. It was simply a photo on Instagram, nothing else.

Music’s diminishing value — only in capitalism.

How fearful it must be! And how frightful for anti-capitalists to discover that their efforts were so small, for their adversary determines so little of music and culture at large — that they have swum among shallow waters and ignored the darker depths of greater self-honesty. At times that which is discussed does not exist — but does it occur to these people that topics not discussed – may indeed exist?