The saxophone almost mimics a human voice,” Erdmann said. “It’s very very expressive, and that comes from both how flexible the sound can be but also the sonic quality.


WhatsApp’s official response was that the backdoor is a “design decision” and that WhatsApp “offers people security notifications to alert them to potential security risks.” They did not mention that these “security notifications” are turned off by default, and are well hidden in Settings.

Despite its openly anti-consumerist ideology, the company posted double-digit growth figures for years on end. In fact, this growth seemed to be occurring despite the company’s best efforts, and it was not for lack of trying: after all, Patagonia once bought out a full-page spread in The New York Times in 2013 beseeching potential customers to refrain from buying products they did not need on Black Friday, including Patagonia’s own R2 jacket. Instead, the company used invaluable page-space to remind the public to reduce, reuse, and recycle accordingly.

Aside from being a must-read for any aspiring entrepreneur, it also offers a look into the philosophy behind the brand’s approach to making product. The self-described reluctant businessman also sees the “Activist Company” model as a continuous experiment in late capitalism, namely that Patagonia “believes the accepted model of capitalism, which necessitates endless growth and deserves the blame for the destruction of nature, must be displaced.”

“Conquerers of the useless, that’s what we were. We learned that what matters is how you got there, not what you accomplished.” Chouinard’s book, Let My People Go Surfing, is a memoir-turned-manifesto espousing unorthodox ideas like scaling back production when sales are booming in order to maintain ethical practices and providing employees with two months of paid flex-time — be it child-care, volunteering with an NGO or simply taking a surfing trip.

This Earth Day, we’ve chosen to put the spotlight on one of the few companies that actually plants seeds of change and hopes to make a positive impact on the environment: Patagonia. While the brand’s box logo admittedly carries less street cred than Supreme’s, Patagonia’s logo stands for activism, sustainability and responsible business practices