Monster Castings and Talent Agency Scams

Upon reading the fine print of the Monster Castings website, they are not in fact vetting people for these reality television shows, but tentatively creating overpriced photo portfolios. That is not explicitly stated, but instead it’s positioned as “workshop” to prepare the actor for the show. So here is a brief report on what I’ve seen with Monster Castings and related websites like

Releasing the EP “LOQUELA”

It’s been about a year since I last published a new EP or track. For nearly half a decade I have internalized a growing love for the footwork scene, in awe of the unforgiving repetition and harshness that so many classic tracks have. They do not hesitate to delve into obsessions that I could only liken with a poetic madness.

Suwanee River: Holton Creek River Camp

Google Maps has an issue with directing to the camp: while it identifies exactly where the camp is located, it does not take into account the unpaved roads required to get to the campsite via bicycle – nor the Florida Trail, which would be a huge bonus if it were included in the future.

On Senna and Ingesting Benefits

I have always kept an interest in oral supplements: as a child, I would start ingesting whatever new age pills that my stepmother stocked every few months; St. John’s Wort sticks in my mind. With the odd name and the very ambiguous benefits that the bottle implied (as some kind of treatment for depression), I became an optimistic skeptic for the supplement and others.